During any refit or construction phase, good protection can help to avoid surface damage and soiling, thus saving you a lot of trouble and expense. But protection is only good if it is correctly chosen and installed. The wrong protection is often worse than no protection at all, and usually indicates that an attempt has been made to save money in the wrong place. So why not take advantage of our extensive experience in selecting the right materials by consulting us at the planning stage.

In addition to advising you on product selection, we are also happy to calculate the quantities required and arrange transportation on board on your behalf. If you wish, our installation team will also take responsibility for the complete installation, or we can act as a project coordinator on site to offer your staff guidance in installing the protection materials. Our team works on projects around the world and provides on-site support during construction works, coordinating with other trades in order to ensure that surfaces are protected before and after their work.

After completion of the project, we can arrange the complete removal and subsequent environmentally-friendly recycling of the protection materials.

From initial planning to final disposal, we are happy to assist you with our extensive experience gained over many years in the protection of yachts, cruise ships and buildings.

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