Cleanmarine fibre protection strengthens carpet fibres, protects against resoiling, simplifies stain removal and extends carpet life.

Instructions for use:
First of all, the carpet is deep cleaned and all stains and loose particles are removed. The fibre protection is evenly applied using a high-pressure spray gun and is immediately massaged into the fibres using a carpet bonnet pad, enabling the fibre protection to adhere to every individual carpet fibre like a sheath.

Finally, the fibres are lifted using a brush vacuum, and the carpet may be walked on again after 2-3 hours drying time. The fibre protection is completely "cured" after 12 hours.

The fibre protection acts as a protective sheath, preventing the intrusion of dirt and fluids into the fibres, facilitating the cleaning of treated surfaces and avoiding the formation of flattened tracks in high-traffic areas. It also strengthens the fibres so that they do not become matted so quickly and the colours remain brighter for longer.

Fibre protection prolongs the life of your carpets and improves the clean and fresh look of your floor.

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