Cleanmarine is a subsidiary of BEZ Marine Interiors, an interior outfitter with a rich traditional heritage which has been designing and building deck and interior layouts of yachts, ferries and cruise ships for over 60 years. As a result, our expertise is based on precise knowledge of all materials used for sea-going vessels, and an understanding of the needs of the shipbuilding industry.

Cleanmarine works with well-known partners and suppliers. Thanks to our know-how, and our close partnership with manufacturers of cleaning products, a number of completely new products have been brought to market which are precisely tailored to maritime requirements and establish a new quality standard for cleaning and care. Our full range of cleaning agents and protection materials is always available in our central warehouse in Hamburg, so we can make deliveries at extremely short notice, or provide urgent assistance in an emergency.

Our extensive array of protection products was also developed in cooperation with manufacturers that operate across Europe. We work together with our customers to design the perfect solution for each area that requires protecting, and we are always looking for affordable materials that meet our standards in respect of structural protection, ease of installation and environmental protection.

We offer our customers an ongoing care and protection service. We don't just sell products - we use them ourselves on a daily basis. The experience gained from our own use of the products informs our discussions with owners and shipyards, and enables us to provide qualified advice on all matters related to cleaning, protection and care.

Our objective is to ensure that the value of your ship, hotel and furnishings is perfectly maintained.

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