Our own range of environmentally friendly cleaning agents have been tried and tested on board ships as well as in hotels and public buildings: they provide efficient cleaning power, ease of handling, clear usage instructions in English and no overly high concentration levels, enabling even inexperienced staff to use them for cleaning without any risk. All our cleaning agents have been developed and tested in collaboration with renowned flooring manufacturers.

Each of our simple range of cleaning products is compatible with the others, making it easy for users to choose the right agent. Our cleaning teams use these products every day with great success, and also share their expertise with our customers on site.

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Airfresh, 500 ml



Carpet & Textile Cleaner, 500 ml



Carpet and Textile Cleaner, 10l



Ceramic and Natural Stone Cleaner, 10l



Fibre Protection, 10l



Intensive Cleaner for Ceramic and Stone Floors, 2x5l



PVC and Rubber Flooring Cleaner, 10l



Sanitary Cleaner, 10l



Stain Remover Cloth



Stain Remover Power+



Stain Remover Professional



Universal Cleaner, 10l