With expertise gained from 60 years of experience in the shipping industry, and operating under a separate company name since 2010, Cleanmarine is well known in many shipyards around the world as a specialist in the cleaning, care and protection of ship interiors. No matter how short the berthing time or how large the area, our staff ensure perfect cleaning and optimum protection of all fixtures and fittings. Using products which are specially created to meet maritime requirements, we can make your ship shine like new and protect all surfaces against damage during the refit process.

Our expertise extends from private yachts to cruise ships, and from villas to five-star hotels. We have a wide range of protection materials to protect glass, plastic and steel against damage and to leave flooring, upholstery and interior decorations of all types and ages looking like new.

With our specialist expertise and extensive experience of cleaning and protection, we can extend the life of your furnishings and ensure that the site environment is kept clean and non-hazardous.

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